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1918: Lester, Cilker and Lester Purchase the Land
Samaritan Medical Center and Good Samaritan Hospital are located on the property that was once known as the Lester, Cilker & Lester Ranch. Brothers Will and Nathan Lester, and brother-in-law William H. Cilker, purchased the land in 1918. The ranch -- a prune and apricot orchard --had its own packinghouse and a quarter-mile spur track of the Peninsula Interurban Railway to service it.
1961: Good Samaritan Hospital Development Begins
In 1961, the owners sold and gifted 20 acres of the orchard to establish Good Samaritan Hospital. They later joined with the hospital in developing approximately 65 acres, with street and underground utility improvements, to serve as the infrastructure for a medical complex.
1965: Samaritan Medical Center Opens
The first phase of Samaritan Medical Center opened in 1965. With 34,000 square feet, the complex was made up of single-story medical buildings, custom designed for small physician groups. The developers were the second generation of the Lester and Cilker families: Evelyn Lester Bryan, the youngest daughter of Will and Ethel Lester, and Marion Cilker, George Cilker and William H. Cilker, the children of William H. Cilker and Hazel Cilker Smith.
2003: Major Development Signals New Era for Samaritan Medical Center
As the campus expanded, a major development took place in 2003 with the addition of a five-story parking structure and the development of 2581 Samaritan Drive, the largest building on campus, a 75,000-square-foot, three-story, class-A structure. Samaritan Medical Center President Dave Henderson completed the building and, by 2005, had the majority of the building leased and occupied. The building is dedicated to William H. Cilker, past president, and the many people who played a part in the development of the Samaritan Medical Center campus.
2009: Expansion Continues Today

Over the past four decades, Samaritan Medical Center has expanded to meet the need in the community for additional medical office space. SMC now comprises 245,000 square feet of custom suites for doctors, dentists and related medical services. More than 200 doctors practice at SMC today.

In addition, the City of San Jose granted us approval for a 75,000-square-foot, four-story building located at 2589 Samaritan Drive, along with an addition to our current five-story parking structure. The Samaritan Medical Center board (which includes both family members and local business leaders, and is led by President David Henderson, son-in-law of William H. Cilker) developed plans for the building. This is our most ambitious project yet, a cornerstone building where Samaritan Drive and Los Gatos Boulevard intersect.

2012: Cancer Care Center Established